Shinwa Estate Co.

  • Shinwa Estate Co.
    Branding and Illustration for real-estate company.

    Client : 株式会社信和不動産
  • Illustration CONCEPT : 

    We made an imaginary "VERDI town" which uses Hiroshima as a motif.
    And, HIROSHIMA means HIRO = Wide , SHIMA = Island. 
    So We made a big (fun) island. like Miniature garden.
    Living this town, it makes you, feel "Exciting" and "Heart beating" through interaction with people.
  • Branding CONCEPT : 

    "WONDERFUL LIFE" -Feel a passion for every day.-

    Living in a town with VERDI condominium...
    That is happy and pleasant everyday life full of "Exciting" and "Heart beating".
    So, Why don’t you start "WONDERFUL LIFE" everyone?
    (VERDI : Brand name)

    We made a family characters and mascot character VERKY
    ( Tree character. Inspired from VERDI's logo color, green. )

    They will appear in the CM, also in the poster / flyer illustrations, etc.
    -Like "Find the Verdy family".
    It makes feel playful to the advertisement, make them stay longer (to look carefully), 
    and have a warm feeling. We hope.

  • Sketches, Story boad
  • Characters
  • Process:
    Thumbnail ideas, Rough sketches were drawn to decide the whole angle and layout.
    After getting the client's "OK," the thickness of the lines was decided and the real lines were drawn.
    Then Coloring to finish.

  • Details :
    Visit Miyajima? It is 
    Historical place has Big red gate, wooden five-storey pagoda, Shrine, etc.
    And Please enjoy fishing at the Jetty.
  • Details :
    Also we have amusement park. Have a relax time.
    Look! Are they leaving to space?
  • Details :
    Already checked sightseeing spots? Peace park, Atomic bomb dome.
    Don't forget to enjoy baseball in the stadium.

  • CM  Movie