temporary employment

  • Tips for a temporary worker

    The first day in any job is always an experience that can be stressful. Will you like it? What happens if I'm wrong? The list of questions "and if ..." is infinite. So, how can you deal with a Contingent Employment if you have to deal with being the new one on a regular basis?
    Make sure you are well informed the first day, look for information on the internet about the new company, talk to the contacts that you have already been able to work there. What is your main activity? What kind of products / services do you offer?
    Social skills are also key. The ability to multitask and deal with internal and external customers can often head an employer's wish list.
    There are a thousand ways in which you can succeed in your first days:
    Ask interesting questions, show your enthusiasm.

    Find out the name, title and extension of your person in charge.

    How does the telephone system work and what is your extension?

    Make sure your supervisor has a copy of your CV.

    Ask for deadlines and know the expectations of your manager.

    Have a list with the internal telephone extensions.

    Where are the printers, fax and photocopiers located?

    Meet the staff of other departments.

    Where are the services of men / women?

    Where is the kitchen / dining room?

    You must remember to maintain a positive attitude. If your co-workers prefer to call you "the temporary" do not let that discourage you. A willing attitude and the ability to cope with pressure will earn you the respect of those around you. Make sure you have a good experience and may even become an indefinite position.