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  • Why should you change the router that your operator gives you?

    You just installed a brand new fiber connection at 300 Mbps. You're exultant because your Internet connection seems to fly, especially after coming from a connection at 20 Mbps with ADSL. But we have bad news to give you: you are not making the most of that connection.
    Surely you have noticed that when connecting several devices at the same time (for example a computer, a couple of phones and the console) the speed of connection plummets in all of them. And it is possible that the WiFi signal does not reach every corner of the house.
    The fault is the basic router that " give " the operators when they install the Internet. We quote the term " give away " because sometimes it is a rent, and you are paying several euros a month for a limited router that does not make the most of your connection.
    Why should we change the router that the operator gives us? It is an additional expense, true, but the improvements in the speed of connection and the new functions that you get more than compensate this cost in the medium term.
    How is a serial router ?
    The routers installed by the operators vary depending on the company. It is advisable to look for the model in the manual or on a sticker, and check its characteristics. Enterprise router is a basic product for any business/enterprise.
    It is not that they are bad in themselves (some yes, others do not), but they usually offer basic connection and configuration options, and many limitations imposed by the operators. The scope of the WiFi signal is usually limited, they do not always include or take advantage of the double band, and they do not offer advanced options such as beamforming, parental control, NAS configuration, independent subnet for guests, and other very practical options.
    A new router will open a new world of possibilities.