Delli textiles

  • Delli is the new branch of Be.Home upholstery and textiles company. With a prestigious, classy and refined look and feel, the brand declares its position in the market. Targeting architects, interior designers and providing bespoke solutions in shading systems and upholstery,
    the brand communicates its values through its overall aesthetics and materials. By utilising the reliefed Conqueror paper to resemble fabric texture
    and the rough Curious Matter from Arjowiggins papers, the tactile feedback compliments the brand image of Delli. 

    The logo can be used in a modular fashion according to the application needed.
    The bust, the circular seal and the wordmark, can be arranged to carry on the brand image in any media and format.

  • In order to express in a minimal and discrete way textiles and fabrics, a series of illustrated 2D motifs were designed.
    By bending, folding and creating fluid lines, these motifs reveal the organic geometry of fabric and its soft plasticity.
    Using lines, polka dot patters and stripes, the repetition of these patterns, declare the meaning in a subtle and calm way.

  • The phantom summoned for this project:

    Marios Georntamilis to design & direct,
    Asterios Goussios Printhouse to manufacture,
    Mike Rafail to photograph

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