R&C: Research & Curation

  • R&C: Research and Curation
    Graphic Design, Bookbinding


    This book was created as a investigation process towards an MFA thesis project in graphic design, at the Boston University. We were asked to take a retrospective look at the projects we each have done in the recent past, determine some recurring themes in our work, and build a set of vocabulary for our thesis investigation.

    While developing content for this book, I found that the process of research and curation seem to be in the center of my work. Most of my projects start with extensive research, and involve collecting information and content from various sources, and the research and curation process are then reflected in both the content and the form the my work.

    The list of vocabulary is applied to the front and back cover, as well as to the inside of each fold, because I feel these words describe the process and methods of my work as a whole, and are always present one way or another. The book was hand-bound, in the Asian stab binding style, which also serves as an indication of my cultural origin.
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