Museo e Orto Botanico di Pisa

  • The Botanical Garden and Museum of the University of Pisa is one of the most ancient gardens in Europe, protecting thousands of species in several greenhouses, flowerbeds and ponds. This is the proposal for the new logo with the coordinate image for printed products, such as flyers, brochures, posters and booklets.
  • The mark designed has two main goals: the first is to create a synthetic, recognizable logo (having as well all the other characteristics required for a good mark — to be flexible, scalable, memorable) which could be initial sparkle of a whole coordinated image system; the second one is to create a powerful acronym, a word which would be part of everyday slang:

    "hey, let's meet at the MOB!"

  • The logo mark is based on the evergreen (ah-ah!) Garamond 3, playing with the "O" of "Orto" (orto means garden): I filled the circular shape with a Light Green 500 (borrowed from the gorgeous Google's Material Palette) and then went for a simple negative space design of a oak leaf — you know, the oak tree is in every culture the symbol of wisdom: this to recall that the Garden is a University of Pisa property and also a laboratory for some three-year and master degrees.
  • As good fellow of the Garamond comes Brandon Grotesque, playful, modern, clean. It matches the serif in all the brand collaterals, such as flyers, posters, booklet, brochures, business cards and so on.
  • Besides the black-green standard logo, I developed also a black-only version (say "wow!" with me!) and an outline one: this one to be used when overlayed over an image, as in the orchid poster below.
  • Thanks to my Unsplash friends Annie Spratt, Lobostudio Hamburg, Ahmed Sauff, Christian Widell, Callum Skelton, Erol Ahmed and Gaelle Marcel for the gorgeous pictures of flowers and plants.