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    Blanca is a residential project in the town of Kikteil, a few minutes away from Merida, Mexico. It is aimed to couples looking for a space for their children to start a new stage in their lives: to form a family of their own and build their future.

    As part of the graphic solution, we designed an icon inspired by the community and the warmth of a family. The logo is simple and with clear legibility, this combined with the color palette and a balanced and clean editorial design, transmits tranquility and confidence.

    All this is reinforced with the slogan: "The importance of building a heritage", and photographs that were taken especially for the editorial material: book, brochure, flyer and postcards as sales support for the brand.

    Blanca, the heritage you want to build for your family.
    Art Direction: Futura
    Photography: Rodrigo Chapa

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