Polytechnique - A Lifetime of Science

  • Ecole Polytechnique - A lifetime of Science
  • Inspired by true anecdotes from researchers at the Polytechnique Research Centre, this film tells the story of a curious little girl with a passion for science who, through perseverance, succeeds in achieving her childhood dream: to pursue a scientific career. With its signature "A lifetime of science", this film aims to recall that since 1794 the École Polytechnique has been at the service of science and innovation.

    Client. École Polytechnique
    Title. A lifetime of Science
    Head of Editorial Department. Samantha Gaudfrin
    Communication Manager. Maëlle Becuwe

    Production. TROUBLEMAKERS.tv
    Director. Fabien Ecochard
    Executive Producer. James Hagger
    Production Manager. Felipe Bernard
    Production Assistant. Mathilde Siméon
    Production Assistant. Amel Djafer
    Location Manager. Capucine Roux
    1st Assistant Director. Mélanie Le Portier
    Director of Photography. Guillaume Adrey
    1er Assistant Camera. Raphaël Dougé
    Gaffer. Grégory Bar
    Spark. Michael Jean
    Grip. Clément Cantier
    Art Director. Rabeir Ourak
    1st Assistant Art Director. Hacine Brahimi
    2nd Assistant Art Director. Ertan Kaya
    Costume Designer. Marine Escurat
    Hair & Make Up. Clémence Sanvoisin
    Editors. Fabien Ecochard & Romain Boileau
    Assistant Monteur. Alexis Ghnassia
    Nuke Compositors. Guilhem Ramisa de Soto & Pablo Gotor
    Colorist. Thomas Canu
    Catering. Pic & Chic

    Music. Josette Music Club

    The Little. Girl Diane Lenz
    The Young Woman. Marion Gaillard
    The Dog. Jean-Louis The Dog