• T Y P E _ B R E A K


    experimental typography  //  concrete poetry
    artist's concept book of Simon Péter Bence

    // TYPE BREAK is a series of concrete poetry artworks. Typographic structures realized  with a systematic fragmentation method and 
    with different visual algorithms wich are consistently documented and analysed. This open and variable system is based on deformation 
    and rebuilding of letter-forms (letter re-coding). The basic component is letter “A”, as it is the most elemental linguistic unit. 
    Results of this experiment are new signs, new text-surfaces that don’t follow any semantic or syntactic relations.
    // Crossover of verbal meaning, typography and imagery. Experimenting with these disciplines, analysing and interacting them with the use 
    of different interference methods and visual transcoding. The outcome is text-like images, i.e. pictures with the option of verbal interpretation. 
    Without the intention to justify W. J. T. Mitchell's "pictorial turn" theory (the dominant role of picture against text, in the media-era), these artworks 
    live in the time of "info-need" (M. McLuhan) and "new media" (M. Castells). Type-graphics were created that are balanced on the borderline 
    between text and picture, art and design and thus are reflections of the current situation.

    © 2017
    ISBN 978-963-12-9845-1
    80 pages
    1+1 colour 
    150gr // 300gr paper
    edition of 200 copies // 100 signed and numbered
    thanks for the quality printing work of the Molnár Nyomda, Pécs