Rheve, Luxury rum bottle concept

  • Luxury rum concept bottle Rheve is inspired by the shape of the sugar cane leaves, which are visually imprinted 
    through a waved, sculptural stylized surface on the lower portion of the bottle. 

    The execution would be crystal glass with hand painted golden layer. The stopper is of crystal glass as well, with a metal plaque glued on top. Closure system within the cap is Vinolok.

     Manufacturing price per one unit of raw cast from the hot end is around 70 - 80 eur, in minimum order of 1000 units. Fewer units can be ordered for finalization, which would include the hand painted golden coating. Price of a finalized piece would be around 120 - 140 eur. Price of the cap including Vinolok would range from 7 - 8 eur.
    Price of a metal mould with a test run for the bottle ranges in around 18 000 - 22 000 eur depending on the factory. 

    The concept is available for sale, price of the design and transfer of IP is 20 000 €. 
    The price includes one trip to factory. 
  • Tinted crystal glass rosette reveals a peek of the liquid's colour through the facets. The rosette would be glued onto the surface of the bottle which is left uncoated with the metal layer.