• Christmas Holidays
  • Night winter visualization project of the main square of the residential complex ''Skandinavia'' 
    Russian Federation, Moscow
    Client: "A101 Development"

    The main purpose of our project - to demonstrate the territory of residential complex “Scandinavia”, filled with different activities and people around. At the same time we wanted to transfer a Christmas mood using this render. 
  • Technical details
  • Soft: 3Ds Max, Corona Render, Adobe Photoshop
    Polys: 24 008 985
  • Postproduction
  • Postproduction consists of three basic things:

    1. Basic layers: beauty, direct, indirect, reflect, refract z_depth, raw_component, shadows, bloom;
    2. Light mix: it needs for every instant group of light source to tune lightning in detail;
    3. Mask: For detaching we use CMasking_Mask, compared to channel "wire" it helps to detach contour exactly, without aureoles.

  • Yo-ho-hoo! Christmas is coming. Don’t forget to congratulate your closest and to put gifts under the Christmas tree :)
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