On the other side of the rainbow POSTER

  • On the other side of the rainbow.
    Poster for a new Client for Psynye New Years Eve big Party.
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  • We've touched the sky, sending satellites into distant sectors of the cosmos. We have visited the ocean depths, discovering countless forms of animal and plant life. We know what the heart of an atom looks like, and have prescriptions for most human needs, yet we still feel so uneasy at the thought of looking within ourselves.
    Indifferently, we pass by the gates behind which there is more space than in the solar system. Behind which there is more life than in all of the oceans. 

    We have many different personalities and points of view.
    We each experience colors, sounds, and emotions differently.
    We can seem drastically different from one another, and yet, something keeps us connected.
    It's the magic of human souls. 

    Let's all meet there.
    Somewhere between our dancing bodies and smiling faces.
    Let's greet the new year together, in that magical moment.

    Come discover with us every nook and cranny of this space.
    Experience a spectrum of sound, color, and smell of the multi-dimensional chamber.
    Allow yourself to fully absorb this energy and say goodbye to the past with a smiling heart.

    Let's meet there: on the other side of the rainbow.

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