Empik Commercial

  • EMPIK 130": DIRECTOR's VERSION (without V.O.)
    It happens very rarely to produce an animated TVC that is longer than the usual 30 seconds. Clients rarely have the courage and trust to go with a few-month long production and to choose such an original concept design. Human Ark studio were chosen by Empik to create this charming, over 2-minute long short film. It was directed by Tomasz Leśniak (well-known comic artist) and Wojtek Wawszczyk (the director of "Diplodocus" feature). Above the Directors' Version of the Empik movie (without the VO).
    And below You can see all the backgrounds I did for this film:
  • First attempt of house design - Client asked for modern furnitures, more light and IKEA style. So below You can see corrected illustrations. Because pictures were made for film - the lightning is neutral - so it can be set later for proper mood.
  • House outside:
  • City view:
  • Orphanage view - outside and inside:
  • Dad's memories:
  • Thanks for watching!
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