Holden Sevens

  • It’s no secret 7 that we were in 7th heaven working on this spot all about the magnificent 7 in all of it’s forms. I had the pleasure of Art Directing the All Star team. Full credits here.
  • Agency - AJF Melbourne
    Creative Director - Gareth O'Brien
    Art Direction - Josh Edwards
    Executive Producer - Erica Ford
    Producer - Jordan Howes
    Design - Josh Edwards, Luke Saunders, Chris Anderson, Robin Davey, Stephen Kelleher, Pete McDonald
    2D Animation - Josh Edwards, Salvatore Scopelliti, Mathijs Luijten, William Pietsch, Chris Anderson, Robin Davey
    Lead Modeler - Elijah Akouri
    Modelling - Josh Edwards, Tim Clapham, Nicole Padilha, Akhil Mittal
    Look Development - Elijah Akouri, Michael Lampe, Josh Edwards, Tim Clapham, Nicole Padilha
    Rigging - Alex Mann
    3D Animation - Alex Karonis, Tim Clapham, Ben Hubbard
    Lighting - Michael Lampe
    Compositing - Michael Lampe, Elijah Akouri