• ThINK is a series of digital art blending modern and traditional art, digital painting and ink, poetry featuring the artist's life, a sort of "tribute" that band around a single question: What's define the soul of an artist?

    Reflect on what forges the soul of an artist: his influences, his career, his successes, his failures, his encounters, love ... What makes them beings apart and embody or incarnate the beauty of art in its most beautiful form.
  • Amy Jade Winehouse  .
  • .  Alexander George Clare  .
  • .  André Romelle Young  .
  • .  Mehdi Favéris-Essadi  .
  • .  Ellie Yaffa  .
  • .  Serge Gainsbourg  .
  • .  Sérigne M'Baye Gueye  .