S.Bon - Your timeless staples

  • S.BON
    'Your timeless staples'

    S.Bon is a clothing brand that produces timeless wardrobe staples 
    made of premium fabrics, based in London.
    The company asked about to create a feminine, minimalist and modern brand.
    Their clothes are for modern women who want to look effortlessly chic, 
    prefer quality over quantity and care where their clothes come from.
    S.Bon carries this concept in mind by utilising the classic versatile garments 
    made of high-quality fabrics including cashmere, silk and wool for the fairest price,
     creating sustainable fashion brand offering fair-priced timeless must-haves appeared.

    I have been inspired by knitting needle and ”S” as the symbol of the brand: 
    Minimal form of the elements combined with a nude and soft color palette.
    I designed for brand: logo, stationery and website. I developed the Brandbook,
     marking design guidelines for all communication pieces and the art direction for the project. ​​​​​​​