• Mining is behind everything that move us forward. From this concept, Nexa was born: the merge between two great Latin-American mining companies, Votoratim Metais and Milpo. 

    The name refers to the future through the word ‘’next’’. Mining as the base of society is the inspiration for the visual identity through its interaction with the logo typography and the other graphic elements. Strong colours help communicate courage, enthusiasm and intelligence of a brand that promises to create the mining of the future.

  • Project by Interbrand São Paulo

    Creative Director: Sergio Cury
    Visual identity: Carlos TelesLeandro Strobel
    Verbal identity: Pedro Kastelic, Felipe Valerio
    Brand strategy: Olivia Guerra, André Ximenez, André Matias
    Naming: Pedro Kastelic, Felipe Valerio, Luísa Borges, Vinícius Alves
    Typography: Fabio Haag