History – the key to the future

  • „Know about your history & understand what the future will bring“
    (Commissioned by Psychologie Heute magazin)
  • About this project:
    After it turned out that only a rather small percentage of young people from Germany still know what the word ”Holocaust“ means, a big discussion evolved. The education system is not to blame.

    The main problem is a decreasing sense of history, which makes young people unable to get a vision of the future. The better you know past, the better you know what might happen in the future.

    Image concept / article illustrations: „Showing the difference“
    The person from the main motive is well  aware of history, while the other person is not. Which results in her unability to ”unlock” for a better vision of the possible future.

    Image concept / animations: „History tends to repeat itself“
    History tends to repeat itself. Any historical events lead directly to future effects. Germany's history is a very ugly proof for this. Don't give all the populists around the world an easy time!

    Unlock your minds for a better future!

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