Remoto House

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    Remoto is an exclusive Japanese restaurant located in Puebla, Mexico. 

    Our identity proposal is inspired by the clean and minimalistic forms of the architecture of Tadao Ando, as well as the use of materials and the geometry of the artistic installations of Walter de María. All this contrasting with an organic icon. Despite being an almost monochromatic identity we use golden foil details, making reference to the use of light that Ando has in its different constructions.

    Remoto, although being a word in Spanish, its strong and clear phonetics remind us to a Japanese word. It can refer to something distant, ancient, as if it was referring to the “old East”. It makes us think of something difficult to achieve, something that not everyone can have, making it exclusive. The word house invites you to enter and have a good time. When talking about "home", we talk about the place to which a specific and unique group of people belong. There is a certain sense of belonging.
    Remoto House, a restaurant directed to a demanding public with the most refined culinary taste.

    Art Direction: Futura
    Photography: Rodrigo Chapa

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