Garamond Corpvs

  • Garamond Corpvs
    An anatomically correct study of our Latin letters. Hand-crafted into beautiful posters to decorate your home with.

    We are really proud to announce that we have officially launched our wepshop for our poster collection. Please head over to garamondcorpvs and order your handmade alphabet posters right now!(if you like them). 

    Garamond Corpvs is a typographical set of posters created by swedish illustrator and typographer Björn Johansson as an in-depth pseudo-scientific research about the shapes of our latin letters. The project is based on Geoffroy Tory’s book Champ Fleury from 1529.
    Geoffroy Tory was a true renaissance scholar of his time, apart from being a skilled typographer that made controversial comparisons with typography and the human body, he was also a teacher to Claude Garamond, the originator of the Garamond typeface.
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