Book cover lettering for Hachette

  • Hi there !

    Few weeks ago, I've been commissionned by Hachette forĀ 
    the creation of handlettered title for an upcoming book.

    Title : The College Girl's Survival Guide
    Author : Hanna Seymour

    client : Hachette Book Group

    After few exchanges, we decided to use some nail polish to create the work.
    It has a been such a cool ( and tough !) thing to try.

    So you'll find here the work and pieces of the process.

  • The style or at least an idea of it was already choosen.
    Here is a bunch of proposals I've made.
    I just picked the ones which lead to the final job.
    Right after exchanges about composition/layout, I've made a round with some variations.

    And there it is, the nailpolish part.
    I bought several little bottles and I've been searching for a good mix (as it needed to be dilutated with a kind of solvent).

    Then I began tests and must admit that if the brush is a bit difficult to handle, after few tries it became smoother and smoother.

  • Final process from nail polish to vectorized version.

  • After the first version checkpoint, the client & author decided to work on something more bouncy.
    Rest of the job was good, they only wanted this effect.

  • Final shot
    Used a mockup as I haven't received the print process photos yet.

    Will update the project with it once it's ok.