The Bootleggers List

  • The Bootleggers List 
    The Top  Places To Get Drunk In Style

    Art direciton : Yi-Hsuan Li
    Visual design : Yi-Hsuan Li
    Naming Director : Kai-Hsiang Ho
    Product design : Ta Chung Liu ( link )
    Photographer : Shengyuan Hsu ( link)
    Printer : Wei-Yang Printing Enterprise Co.,LTD
    Client : The bootleggers list 
    Date : Nov. 2017

    Naming Story / 命名故事 
    bootlegger為禁酒令時的走私酒販者或是私家釀酒之人,名稱帶有神秘、反骨的意象。 延續了bootlegger名稱上的意涵,我們將此品牌命名為The bootleggers list ,希望呈現給大眾一種難得、私藏的感受,就像是禁酒令頒布時期,酒品得來不易的感受,每一筆清單上的內容都是經過縝密規劃所得的珍貴資料。

    In the Prohibition Era, bootlegger was used to refer to those who smuggled illicit wine or brewed liquor on their own. The name has its mysterious and rebellious color. Extending its original meaning, we decide to name the brand “The bootleggers list.” We hope to provide a rare and secret feeling to the public, just as the feelings people had in the Prohibition Era, when the liquors were so hard-earned. Every item on this list is a precious treasure from meticulous planning.

    Introduction / 品牌介紹
    The Bootleggers List 由一群專業、秘密的酒品鑑定人員組成,團隊低調的拜訪了超過100間位於臺北的酒吧,去蕪存菁後,評選出2018年度的10間最佳酒吧。團隊的目標為提供台北旅客、在地人一組最棒的口袋清單,推廣更好的品酒經驗。評鑑標準為酒吧的酒品品質、調酒師的互動以及酒吧內的舒適度等,每一年我們都會更新一次清單提供給酒水愛好者。

    Similar to what “Michelin stars” are for restaurants - “The Bootleggers List” is a service selecting and ranking the best bar for the cities of Taipei, Singapore and HongKong. 
    We just select limited bar the the bar lover.  

    Design concept / 設計說明 
    The bootleggers list整體設計以神秘及高級經典作為主軸,商標圖形以一比安靜手勢的男子作為品牌的logo,暗示著品牌為私家秘辛,請低調勿宣揚。設計風格以高級經典為風格導向,主視覺利用線條的分割及排列營造細緻的風格,線條的元素衍伸至相關的設計品,例如網站、宣傳文宣等,讓整體更有一致性。品牌色彩選用帶有沈穩 經典感受的深藍色為主色調,金色為點綴色彩,在印刷品上,藍黑色彩規劃讓風格更加高雅精緻,傳達出高端、專業的品牌意象。

    The bootleggers list marks mystery and classics. The logo, featuring a man posing shush, implies the secrecy of the brand: please keep it low-key and do not publicize. Classic is the main style. Utilizing line segments as key vision to create a delicate style. The elements of line extend to related design products, such as websites and advertisements, making the whole project steady and consistent. We choose gold as the embellishment color, deep blue as the brand’s main color, for it brings out the steadiness and classic within the brand. On booklets, we arrange blue and black to form the elegant fashion and to build a high-qualified, professional brand image.

    Designed by Studio Pros
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