• Kløver (Clover)

    Identity – packaging

    We have developed the branding and packaging design for Kløver, house brand of the Norwegian grocery chain Bunnpris. 

    The Kløver brand contains a lot of history, and its product range consists of high quality fresh foods. Since the history of the brand stretches way back, the previous logo and packaging design is still quite formal and lack the modernity and simpleness you expect from a modern, high quality food brand.  We have developed a warm, inspirational and functional visual identity for the Kløver brand. The new visual identity allows the Kløver products to stand out in the shelves, and a tiered design system helps consumers navigate the different food categories. The design system is based on usage situations. Everyday products have a simple yet warm feel, while products with a stronger focus on taste has a more detailed, inspirational feel, using photographies by Ulla Westbø and custom illustrations created by Norwegian artist Marius Pålerud. The new logo, bright colours and strong typography ties more than 60 products together and create an inspirational brand and packaging design for Kløver.

    Illustration: Marius Pålerud, Illustratørene
    Photo: Ulla Westbø, H2W studio

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