• Teaspira / 木从久

    Teaspira is a newly opened contemporary teahouse located in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. It serves a collection of handcrafted hot and cold teas, as well as freshly made sandwiches and pastries. Ultimately it hopes to provide a modern venue for people to gather, creating a new perspective on an art normally associated with tradition and the past. 

    We were commissioned to design the identity, and began by establishing an abstract logo based on the idea of Teaspira as a gathering place. In addition, a sense of movement illustrates the crafting of tea. The colour palette was inspired by the various ingredients used, ranging from the calm colours of pure tea leaves to the more vibrant as seen in fruit teas. This achieves a balanced, ranged palette which can be adapted in regards to tone depending on the context.

    In addition, we developed a pattern system which combines a set of two opposing visual artefacts. The first is a collection of minimalist circles placed within a set grid, at varied but set dimensions. The second is made using the Chinese characters 木从久 which make up Teaspiras Chinese name. The simple yet bold characters contrast with the more subdued circular patterns, creating the final composition . 


    ori.studio 受托为此项目设计了整体品牌的视觉传达。logo本身抽象地表达了Teaspira的聚集感,同时,内部所带有的微妙的移动感也抽象表达了一杯茶的搅拌与融合过程。品牌的颜色的创立受到产品本身配料的启发,从较为冷静的代表纯茶的色彩到较为鲜艳的果茶色彩,彼此平衡搭配,在不同情况中具有极高的灵活使用性。在此基础之上,我们创立了一套具有两种元素的纹理系统,其一,为一系列简单并具有网格系统的圆圈。其二,运用Teaspira的中文名 ’木从久’ 作为纹理,简洁醒目的中文文字结合较为安静的圆圈网格系统,达到一个平衡与和谐的最终组合。

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    Studio: ori.studio
    Graphic Design: Xuechen Fan, Maxim Cormier
    Client: Teaspira
    Photo: Xuechen Fan
    Year: 2017