Martinborough Mural Walk

  • A mural for Martinborough Mural Walk event hosted by Ventana Creative Collective.
    "It represents the vibrant world of Martinborough and those who live there. It represents the French term, described to me over the weekend by lovely visitors, 'Terroir' - based around growing grapes to make wine, it describes the Earth's unique environmental qualities as it's 'Character', a personification of the Land. This mural is about the connection between human and the earth, that we are one in the same, to be mindful of the planet which in turn reflects back on us." .
    Favourite observer story: "One of my favourites was an old man who said my art reminded him of his travels to Paris when he was young where he saw comic-art style murals that pushed the boundaries of reality. He came back the next day to show me photos :)"