Club Les Paradis Artificiels / intimate queer clubbing

  • WELCOME! To the very first edition of Club Les Paradis Artificiels! This is the first in a series of events, where we will invite new friends and collaborators to perform in Warehouse9. 
    Club Les Paradis Artificiels aims to be a safe space for all genders and expressions to dance, dream and love. We want to make new friends, reacquaint with old ones and present both talented artists and performers as well as having a kickass party with an electric mix of DJs. This will be intimate queer clubbing with a twist, an art performance you can dance to and much more!

  • For the first edition, we looked close to home, just across Øresund, in fact, to Malmö, where we've invited all these amazing people to feed your brains and fill you with party vibes. 

    This young artist came from Syria to Sweden as an asylum seeker in Feb 2016. Before he lived in Raqqa, which the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) declared it´s capital in 2013.
    The civil war in Syria has left a deep impact on him personally as both an artist and as a gay man. The challenges have constantly enhanced his artistic vision and choices, more accentuated when he took the difficult journey across Turkey and Europe to seek protection in Sweden.
    Moths, birds and mythological symbols are staples in his work as signifiers of a variety of contradictions, such as death, regeneration, energy, defiance, and hope. He is also keen on taking up social themes, pedophilia, female genital mutilation, displacement to mention a few.
    Alqumit is educated at the Fine Arts program at the University of Aleppo. In Sweden, he is widely recognized and have had a number of exhibitions and also serves as a spokesperson for newcomers at RFSL (Swedish LGBTQ organization).

    You can expect a hot mix of electronica, techno, electro swing, dub, post-punk and grrrls spiced up with crossovers and oddities.
    Yet, do not expect anything, since DJ Slacker likes to challenge you, at times leaving the earthly sphere for strange places in outer space, whatever the child in her wants in a sudden. Hang on, enjoy the journey.
    Dj Slacker has previously worked with clubs like Tomboy, Rudie can't fail and Queerbase as well as with various music events.

    Fingerlickin is an intersectional queer music and arts collective based in Malmö, pumping only the finest of techno, jersey club, vogue beats, drum and bass, 2-step, grime, darkwave, trap and all the gay shit you can think of.
    In their hometown they are famous for making the crowd go wild, both privately and with their steady arranging of the club Queercation and now they´re coming to Warehouse9 to make you sweat like you´ve never been to a gym in your life.

    Sparkly Pony is an organizer of the underground queer party Sweat and a resident at Stockholm's equivalent Boi Boi Club. This queer techno DJ from Malmö moves between cold industrial buildings to summer breezed open-airs and will not leave you unsurprised.

    DJ: K-HOLE
    K-hole is a longtime Warehouse9 supporter, DJ and much more working with the crew since the foundation ten years ago. He's played everywhere from terrace parties to established venues and in every genre you care to mention. He is also the host of this and the coming events in the series. 

    Genderneutral bathrooms - Wheelchair accessible
    50 DKK entrance - Cash and Mobilepay accepted
    Entrance to the right of Øksnehallen.

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