Inktober 2017

  • I took the Inktober challenge in 2017, and devised a style inspired by early Christian woodcuts, Aubrey Beardsley, and religious and mystical art in general. I listened to folk music for inspiration while doing each drawing.
  • Day 1: Swift
  • Day 2: Divided
  • Day 3: Poison

    How Shiva Got His Blue Throat. 
    The story of Samudra Mathan, or the churning of the ocean, which threw up all manner of things, including a poison so potent it could have destroyed all of existence. So Shiva swallowed and stopped it at his throat, which is why he is called "Neelakantan", or "Blue Throat". 
  • Day 4: Underwater
  • Day 5: Long
  • Day 6: Sword
  • Day 7: Shy

    I must have been 5 when I was asked in school to draw the kind of animal I would be, and why. So I drew a deer and wrote, "If I were an animal, I would be a deer, because a deer is a gentle animal." That was the first time I was published (albeit in the Clarence High School journal.)
  • Day 8: Crooked
  • Day 24: Blind
  • Day 26: Squeak

    Ganesha's mouse vahana.
  • Day 29: United
  • Day 30: Found
  • Day 31: Mask