#ColorFontWeek - 5 FREE color fonts

  • #ColorFontWeek: 5 color fonts over 5 days

    In October 2017, Fontself, the Illustrator team and Adobe partnered with five top creatives from around the world to celebrate the arrival of color fonts!

    This collaboration - the #ColorFontWeek - showcases the potential of a groundbreaking font technology, OpenType-SVG, which brings color, shades, textures and opacity to digital typefaces. And the good news is that color fonts are now supported in the latest versions of Illustrator & Photoshop CC... ! YES!!!

  • You can learn more about this launch on Adobe's blog and check this Fontself post to read about the full story behind this project.

    And now, here are the 5 color fonts that are available for free during the #ColorFontWeek, from October 31st to November 5th 2017. Kudos to their 5 generous designers!!!
  • MEGAZERO, by Alex Trochut from New-York, USA
  • Aires, by Yai Salinas from Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Popsky, by Igor Petrovic from Berlin, Germany
  • Abelone, by Maria Grønlund from Lystrup, Denmark
  • Playbox, by Matt Lyon from London, UK
  • So U like dat fontz? Then go ahead and download these beauties since they will be available for free only until Sunday Nov. 5 2017 on the ColorFontWeek website!
  • Using color fonts to design in Illustrator and Photoshop CC is SO MUCH FUN !!!! Hope you will enjoy them too ;)
  • Now let's have a look behind the scenes, as these color fonts have been crafted after a lot of research and hard work:
  • MEGAZERO by Alex Trochut, New-York USA
  • Aires by Yai Salinas, Buenos Aires Argentina
  • Popsky by Igor Petrovic, Berlin Germany
  • Abelone by Maria Grønlund, Lystrup Denmark
  • Playbox by Matt Lyon, London UK
  • Wonder how these cool creatives crafted their very first color font?

    Easy: they used Fontself Maker, an extension for Illustrator & Photoshop CC that brings font creation capabilities to both AI & PS.

    The process is super simple: doodle your letters in Illustrator and just drag & drop them on the Fontself Maker panel:
  • Font creation, the easy way ;)
  • Fontself Maker can export both standard OpenType vector fonts as well as OpenType-SVG color vector fonts.

    Check more about Fontself Maker here - and learn about how it was used on another cool color font: Gilbert, from the TypeWithPride project.
  • Still reading? Then go ahead check the fonts on the ColorFontWeek website !!!