Olio Pro Futuro - Explainer video

  • Hello dear friends! 
    This is an explainer video for Olio Pro Futuro – an olive tree adoption programme in Tuscany, Italy.
  • Thanks to its adoptive parents OPF is able to re-nurture abandoned trees and support local farmers in taking a stance against mass corporations that are not only destroying or ecosystem, nature and the olive trees biodiversity but also produce low quality oils that are unhealthy and not to mention detrimental for our economy. OPF also collaborates with the school of life, a social project meant to give young adults who have difficulty in finding their path by giving them direction.
  • Credits:
    Company: OBEB    
    Producer: Nikta Carla Leibovici
    Writers: Nikita Leibovici, Drew Eu, Matina Leibovici, Vincent Magliulo
    Director, Animator and Illustrator: Gosha Loshadkin    
    Music: Stefano Fasce
    Voice Recording: Seymour Milton    
    Voice(s): Anna Bauer (DEU), Drew EU (ENG)
  • Thanks for watching!