7up Lemon Lemon

  • Art Direction: Coup Creative New York

    The team from 7up Global in New York approached me and other artists to create a couple of animated Gifs for their new drink Lemon Lemon, to be shown on their social media and everything digital. They were supposed to be done in the artist´s unique style, executed with a color palette defined by the brand and include the product, a bottle or can. The first step was to get familiar with the brand and it´s whole idea about this new sparkling lemonade, the shift to an emotional inner nature, as whole new universe and the drink being a basic reminder to get back to your most real: escape to a natural, more relaxed place. Be with your closest friends, outdoors, under the sun, in the breezy open air! I created three different loops and tried to show natural elements, dancing in rhythm, the arrival of spring, Lemon Lemon being your door to an inner garden, where you enjoy what´s most important:
    being outside with friends.

    Additionally I helped out with some packaging design and made illustrations for a Lemon Lemon cardbox set, that was used as promotion material. Thanks again to the great team of Pepsi, 7up Global and CoupCreative for commissioning me with this and giving me so much freedom throughout the whole project!
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