Ms.Taken_2017 Autumn/Winter Campaign_India

  • Ms. Taken _ 2017 Autumn/Winter Campaign 

    A campaign which involved creating a composition and doing post work for Ms. Taken, a brand that has always mixed high street fashion with bold messaging to create conscious and stylish campaigns in past. 

    The campaign was done in association with Bangalore based ad agency, Fisheye Creative and 
    acclaimed photographer, Tarun Khiwal. 

    The work involved composing shoot images of the model with multiple backplates to create a finished look. 
    The images below and the working showcase the work done on the campaign.

    Client _ Ms. Taken
    Agency _ Fisheye Creative, Bangalore, India
    Photographer _ Tarun Khiwal
    Assistant Photographer _ Nitin Anthony Joseph
    Post-Production Coordinators _ Krishna Maheshwari & Amar Kakad
    Post Production _ Om Solanki, Shrikant Jakkula & Amar Kakad

  • Layout 01 _ Night out
  • Layout 02 _ Camping
  • Layout 03 _ Boxing
  • Making of Camping scene
  • Billboards