Tropical patterns for packaging.

  • My patterns, Benefit Cosmetics Packaging, "Hoola" products.

    First, I'd like to show you the packaging. 
    Then, I would like to show you the patterns, used to create these designs. 
    Last, I will share a few elements from these patterns, to demonstrate the process. 
    Note: I did not design the package or the brand design. Only the floral patterns. 

  • My patterns were originally created in color, but used mostly in monochrome sepia. It's a great solution for packaging: use bold elements, but limited palette. Another example of similar  approach can be seen on my designs for "Natura Fusion" Packaging. 
  • Here are a few  of the scans and few elements from the process. I am not a tidy artist, when I draw, I'm a messy artist:) 
  • That's it! Thank you for watching. 
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