Polarr Icon Set

  • Icons, as well as pictures, speak far more than words, they are volumetric and multidimensional aspects of human communication. Sophisticated but minimalist multi-layered visual language comprehensible to everyone. Combining shapes and forms from the human environment they dissolve into a spectrum of various signs without which modern society unthinkable. Icons are a timeless language of design.
  • The process of creating a new icon set began with sketches on paper later transferred to a digital form.
    In order to achieve better visual harmony and consistency with the circular visual identity of the company,
    I used slightly curved edges as a contrast to the strict interfaces of the user interface and rectangular photo formats and aspect ratio of 24px. The result of a two-month research and work was a redesigned set of 200+ pixel perfect icons with dingbat icon font.

  • Pictograms in motion

  • Icon Font inside Polarr Photo Editor V4
  • Thanks for watching!