• Niwa* 
    collection of carpets by Sergey Makhno & Ihor Havrylenko
    Year: 2018

    *Niwa [ ukr. нива - lea ] - home for harvest; place of traditions.
    *Niwa [ jap. - garden ] - home for wild plants and spiritual animals; place of harmony.

    This collection of designer carpets is about two worlds: flora and fauna / about two cultures: Japanese and Ukrainian.

  • saru

    Little Japanese monkey on the background 
    of Ukrainian traditional ornaments
  • Their common features are sanctity, 
    familiality and sincerity

  • aggretsuko

    Japanese small predator in the midst 
    of endless Ukrainian field
  • Protecting its home and family

  • tsvit

    Symbiosis of living cultures
  • Look at leaves and stones, 
    at sprouts and lava

  • carps

    Water element breaks from under the feet
  • Huge and proud

  • sadyba

    For intimate conversations
  • Place yourself in shadows of trees

  • peonies

    Ukrainian and Japanese - can meet once
  • Different sides of world - different climate, 
    different flowers - different nations

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