• Dynamo

    Constructivism is one of the important identifiers of Sverdlovsk-Yekaterinburg. This is not just a laconicism of geometry, austerity of form, it is the philosophy of the new world, the ideology of the impetuous century, an attempt to create a city of the future.

    Sverdlovsk successfully implemented this concept. In the heart of the city, on the arrow of the city pond is Yekaterinburg sports complex "Dynamo". The main building of the complex, built in 1934 by the architect Sokolov V.D., was erected in the forms of constructivism and is a model of sports facilities of the early 30's. The convenient location of the complex, great views of the city pond, beautiful park with a lime-trees avenue made the territory of the complex one of the most favorite places for rest of the townspeople.