Nikon Professional Service

  • Nikon Professional Service (NPS)

    — Task
    Unite the participants of the NPS program on one site and create a community where professional photographers and owners of Nikon photographic equipment could interact with the brand, share experiences and communicate with each other. The moderator must have access to the database of members of the NPS program and the ability to edit this database. It is necessary to develop the motivation for joining the program of new participants.
  • — About the project
    Nikon Professional Services (NPS) is a program created by Nikon to support professional photographers with a set of privileges. For the participants of the NPS program, the Nikon service center provides a special level of service, repair in the shortest possible time, as well as an annual opportunity to clean and customize registered photographic equipment for free.
  • — Realisation
    We have developed a platform for members of the NPS community, where they transferred the registration to the Nikon NPS program. Simplified the work of the moderator, adding auto compliance testing techniques with a common Nikon base. Implemented the opportunity for users to add photo content and articles. We introduced a rating system for evaluating photographs by the moderator and allowed photographers to accumulate points for getting to the top list. Thus, we decided the main task - to motivate users to add materials to the site. In total, more than 150 unique pages were created for adaptive layout on a smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC. 20 illustrations and more than 30 unique icons are drawn. After 2 months from the start of testing on the project 500 active participants and published 1200 photographs.
  • Creative-director: Pavel Simonov     /     Senior-designer: Anatoly Shabalin
    Illustrations: Aleksey Rico     /     Icons: Artem Nikintin     /     Copywriter: Sofia Chukavina

    Made in Indyworks, 2017