THE JOURNEY - Inland Studio Reel

  • The Journey
    Inland Studio Reel

    A train station in the sky.
    As the train approaches and a mechanism unleashes the warning, the world begins to unravel and shows us a robot awaiting the start of a journey. 

    Playing with magic and imagination is part of our work and that is why we created a small steampunk universe to invite you to travel between abysses and depths. 
    Welcome to the reel of Inland Studio.

  • Robot Design

  • We needed a character that reflects our imaginary, so, we released our passion for the robots and we did. Our character is composed of few simple pieces and shapes. Try to be more a toy than a robot. A great travel companion!

  • Robot Animation Exploration
  • Logo Redesign
  • Elements Design

  • Style Frames

  • A nocturnal atmosphere reveals the performance of a Toy in a playful and fantasy world. A robot awaits a unique and special journey to a new world.

  • Reel 2017

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    Inland Director: Julian Nuñez

    Character & Scenery Design: Julian Nuñez
    Sketching: Natalia Bedroshian
    3D Modelling: Julian Nuñez, Damian Maas, Diego Tumites
    Lightning: Julian Nuñez
    Type Design: Javier Bernales
    Animation: Damian Maas, Diego Tumites
    Composition: Julian Nuñez
    FumeFX: Diego Tumites

    Music and Sound Design: SeaSound -
    Sound Effect Design: Diego Tumites

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