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    Few things feel more personal than personal finance. The mere mention of retirement saving is enough to send folks of a certain age into a quiet panic. Brian Thompson Financial exists to tenderly tackle that panic head on.

    In a field crowded by big name institutions and roboadvisors, BTF stands proudly apart. Started by longtime FB ally and tax attorney-cum-CPA Brian Thompson, the firm serves Generation X/Y LGBTQ households, offering empathetic, expert and timely advice. Firebelly developed a simple, sophisticated brand and website to help Brian reach—and immediately reassure—potential clientele.

  • I.

    We began by conducting audience research, a competitive audit and a collaborative content planning workshop to tease out the core brand story. By frontloading the strategic work, we quickly discovered that beyond Brian Thompson's astonishing list of credentials and experience, what makes his practice truly one of a kind is that it's both logical and responsive, like a trusted companion who not only has all the right answers but knows when to give them.

    We created a custom alphabet, BTF Mono, which recalls tabular data while even-handed spacing reflects Brian’s calm and calming demeanor. Quite simply, the font is the brand. It blends the numerical with the personal, a clear bridge between story and visual identity, translating seamlessly across print and web.

    When put to work in high level messaging, the font signals a friendly call to action, building trust through legibility and familiarity. The primary wordmark slims down to the more concise |B|T|F|—subtle enough to live anywhere, providing quiet, confident reassurance at every touchpoint, without becoming overbearing.

  • II.

    Strategy, design and development work hand in hand on the web to create an educational, engaging and empowering experience. Clean linework, derived from the streamlined logomark, reappear as a structural element and visual cue, inviting visitors to read between the lines and make progress at their own pace. Thoughtfully structured copy and strategic pathways—marked by simple animations and delightful interactions—gently guide users toward one final, low-pressure call to action, encouraging them to take the first step toward financial security, just by getting in touch. Financial planning never looked so friendly.