Rise ( portraits - fan art - concepts )

  • ، كل الاحاديث ما بتفيد ما دامك مش معي والاسواء مش وحيد
     وحيد مش وحيد مشروعك معى عل آكيد مش اكيد وبعيد
    ziad rahbani & salma
  • - this is a huge one ^ ^ as I don't like to be the one who hits and run my hit should stay and be memorable so I kept thinking a lot  before uploading this a lot of work in single project ( omg its about 30 paintings in single project are you crazy :D ) , but in deep of my respect to my  audience I did this   .... 

    - this contains 31 deep emotional paintings  personal artworks , commesions I loved to worked on freely with a trust of my clients , and some old movie scenes which sticked in my head :D 

    - I wanted to focus on artworks more so I uploaded steps and most of my work flow on my artstation ,also behind the scene on my instagram .. if you want links at the end of the project :)

    - call it insane but I like to call it my legacy ....


  • Rip my favorite artist chester bennington 
    to my mother , to my father Rip
    to my beloved son 

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