• Roudrabhangi is a remarkable and touching story about a Guru-Shishya relationship that allows the audience to have an insight into the minds of two great artists.
    A state of poverty along with the discrimination and agonizing physical abuse Kuttiraman the shishya, had to suffer at the hands of the guru made him a miserable soul as he aimlessly followed his guru.
    Chembolli Krishna Panicker the Guru achieved fame for his intense performances in Kathakali portraying demonic roles. Despite being an eminent personality and achieving great heights in the art form, the guru lived a lonely and secluded life. The guru however found a faithful disciple in Kuttiraman who remained with him till his very last days. This unconditional display of affection from Kuttiraman and his efforts to fulfill the guru’s final desires leads to the guru imparting all his knowledge to Kuttiraman.
    This film will be shot in the backdrop of the art form's heartland, Kerala. Kathakali's grace and vibrant colors placed against the scenic beauty of rural Kerala will bring to the cinema the complete essence of Natyadharmi and Lokadharmi, a truly mesmerizing experience for the audience. Kalamandalam Gopi has agreed to play the role of the guru in the film and Kottakkal Devadas the role of the shishya. Roudrabhangi will be a film endowed with social, cultural and artistic significance, a style of cinema that will standout as unique and is sure to captivate its audience.

  • ***