FlaskMan Branding and Advertising Campaign

  • FLASKMAN Branding and Advertising
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  • Introduction:
    These plastic flasks are easily filled, reusable and collapsible. One may bring the undetectable flask to concerts, stadium events, cruises, sports fans and travel.
    We devised a plan and created a brand that is fun and fresh. It all began with an idea and took shape with stock photos, logo and personality across the web.
    1. Stock photos: Must not be boring so they catch online shoppers.
    2. Logo / branding: Create an identity for FlaskMan. It must be functional towards the target audience.
    3. Incorporate the brand on social networks and sales listings.
    After photographing the flasks for the initial online auctions we discussed a logo and branding with the owner. It needed a brand that stood out from trending similar products. It was also necessity to the online personality of this brand.
    Like a Mr. Peanut brand but with a misses, we developed FlaskMan. It steps out-of-bounds and some viewers may question the tactics. While is not being talked about, it is a catchy head turning brand that stands out from the competition.

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