FENDI Kids - Illustration Journey

  • Illustration Journey (Illustration)

    At the beginning of 2017 we decided to create 5 visuals to enrich the fitting and selling walls inside FENDI Kids new boutiques worldwide.

    After a first evaluation in which I have ruled out the ideas to use stock images or print some pictures from the fashion catalogues, I decided to exploit the opportunity to communicate an organic message:
    a special journey in the kids world offered by FENDI through the hands of the best italian contemporary illustrators.

    The first trip was commissioned to the illustrator Riccardo Guasco and Magnifico Illustration Agency.

    Starting from the color codes of the last collections and FENDI's iconic monsters and funny characters, he created 5 happy robots with a human and nice attitude and a contact with the nature represented by a butterfly. Enjoy :)
    Client: FENDI Roma
    Art direction: Nicola Morino
    Illustrator: Riccardo Guasco
    Production: Magnifico Illustration Agency
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