Honda - Fit Sport Campaign

  • 2018 One Show Merit
    2018 American Advertising Awards (Addy's):
    1x Gold, social media campaign
    1x Gold, snapchat campaign
    1x Silver Television Commercial
    Think LA Best Video Campaign
  • Everyone knows the Honda Fit is a compact car. It's pretty obvious.
    What isn't so obvious, is that unlike other compact cars, it can carry a lot of stuff. .
    So we created a campaign that showed off its roominess in unexpected ways.
  • TV
  • We partnered with Hulu  & Snapchat to create contextual ads for each platform.
  • Hulu Ad
  • We targeted different audiences based on the kind of content they watched in Snapchat.​​​​​​​
  • The campaign proved that even though the Fit is small, it’s also incredibly roomy.