My Favorite Tropical Project*

  • My Favorite Tropical Project*
    *that didn't happen.
  • As any designer, when I am commissioned to create a project, I'm all into it. And, immediately after I the work with the customer is done, I become like a child passenger in a car, asking "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" - meaning constantly checking the website if the project published already. 
    But, sometimes.... The websites don't go on air, the products aren't produced, or the whole brand is cancelled. 
    This is a story, of a beautiful product, one of my favorite ones, that unfortunately, didn't materialize. 
  • I was asked to design a juicy tropical pattern for a new liqueur brand, which is produced from cocoa beans. The pattern would consist of exotic fruits and leaves, beans, and a humming bird. 
    I began with drawing floral elements. 
  • scans of the elements 
  • Then a few birds. 
  • I am drawing and then cutting out the illustrations. It helps me to compare scales better, see shapes, and more illustrations at once. 
  • Once the client approved the style of the illustrations, I begin to assemble the pattern...
  • And continue... And then try to see the whole pattern.
  • Warning: This is a FAKE animated GIF.
    I move, resize, recolor, rotate and try different compositions between the elements a LOT!  This is just a rewind of groups in this pattern, after it was ready. Making it took hours. 
  • Less dense, freshier, more modern birds, remove vintage feeling.  - Ok!  
  • With more modern look, I also removed some of the old brownish leaves, and add new fresh smooth palm leaves instead. 
  • This is the style! We are getting there...Few minor changes.  - Ok! 
  • A few notes from the art director for perfecting the look
  • I implement the notes, and also try if we might need a subtle back layer. 
  • And we're done! The customer would like to keep the background layer separate, in order to be able to use or not use it.

  • Unfortunately, this pattern, developed for branding, wasn't produced, because the product didn't launch. However, it was a tremendous pleasure for me to work on it with the art director and the customer, and I consider it one of favorites. 

  • That's it! Thank you for watching. 
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