Typearture type foundry

  • Typearture is a different type of foundry, creating typefaces that merge concepts, culture, experiment and most importantly: a bit of humor through type design. In a world with so many geometric sans serif typefaces, there is surely room for adventure and fun!

    A Typearture typeface tries to enrich the typographic world with a different take on what a typeface can or should be: The designs play with concepts, conventions of written language, and embed cultural references from Ancient Greece to the Noughties. The work of Typearture is a type of adventure, and explores all the possibilities that can be contained in a font-file.

  • Fabel, the animal typeface
    It’s the animal kingdom at your fingertips: Fabel gives you the world’s fauna, wrapped up in a typeface! Over 300 detailed, characterful illustrated glyphs fill out the alphabet, from the A of Anteater to the Z of Zander.

  • Pegacorn Initials
    Tapping into the fabulous powers of Pegasus and unicorns, the Pegacorn Initials finally allow the alphabet to spread it’s wings! The Pegacorn Initials merge Pegasus, unicorn and their myth into one typeface, consisting of a full latin character set and over 100 additional illustrations.

  • The Disclosure Dingbats
    What if a typeface could tell you something, warping your words into a different message while you are typing? The Disclosure Dingbats build upon the infamous Wingdings prophecies as a “what if typeface”: A typeface that can change what you type, perhaps telling you a lie, or perhaps the truth.

  • Typearture - Typefaces by Arthur Reinders Folmer​​​​​​​