The Ride: Brand Development

  • The Ride logo was designed capture movement towards a fixed point. To achieve this effect, we set anangled vertical grid and complimented it with a focal point set on a horizontal plane.¬†This effect subtly hints at The Ride's key benefit: get there... fast.
  • The Ride App is ideal for the "on-the-fly" traveller that wants to know the next available travel option around them, down to "the planner" that likes to coordinate the entire trip. Colour standards around every possible method of travel were developed. The colours lend themselves to the travel experience. Routes are well indicated through colour matching. The interface also adopted the colour, so you always know where you were.¬†
  • To compliment the forward movement designed into the logo, all marketing communications featured a great hidden design cue that was unique to The Ride and helped it stand out. You'll notice that the angle of our photography always complimented that of the logo. It was a subtle touch, but one key in creating balance of design and cognitive dissonance.
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