• A set of salt and pepper grinders driven by a simple observation: 
    When most grinders are placed back down on the table they leave unsightly residue, which can be a nuisance especially in restaurants.
  • Minimising parts and clever use of materials was key in order for Vessel to fit in to a modern kitchen.
    Hand crafted aesthetics are making their way back into the modern kitchen. Vessel is made entirely by hand from Clay; a clear choice as its unique qualities have been keeping foods cool and dry for thousands of years.
  • The ceramic stopper keeps contents inside whilst also being one half of the grinder; this eliminates the need for extra screws and assembly time and means all components are easy to remove and replace if damaged or through future advancements.
  • Between the two bodies a rubber waistband gives clear but subtle indication to what is inside whilst also showing where to twist. Vessel also shares its DNA with other pouring appliances so it is easy to recognise how to use.
  • Process:
    Vessel started off as two initial observations:
    1. Residue - modern grinders often leave residue when they are placed back down on the table, this is problematic especially in restaurants.
    2. Attitude - users want the freshest ingredients delivered simply. Grinding offers that fresher taste.
  • Modern kitchen trends showed the influence of hand crafted objects where materials are bold and parts are low, in favour of letting the material do the work.
  • Various models were created in clay to make sure Vessel would fit perfectly in the hand and be comfortable as well as intuitive to use.
  • More to come as Vessel develops, so watch this space.