Mukalla city Brand

  • Mukalla City | Brand Propose
    Graduation Project | Yarmouk uni.
    supervisor :Qais Mohammed
     The competition of tourism promotion between countries and cities became more competitive and changes through time. 
     Many who live, work, and believe in Mukalla city has long championed the goal of building the State’s profile domestically and globally.
    Mukalla city is the capital of Hadramout state in Yemen. As a designer, I have been thinking about what can I contribute to my hometown. Hence, I started making a brand identity to represent my hometown since there are no brands intended for the city before.
    There are many attractions in Mukalla city Central. With this, Mukalla city needed has a cohesive image and representation to promote Hadramout and its wide diversity of attractions ca be easily identified to represent the region as a whole. Moreover, the brand that I have created isn’t just intended for the government. It is neither just for tourism nor for business. The brand does not represent one particular person but it works for everyone, in general. Because of the brand's flexibility, educational and economic sector, migration, trade,  and tourism sectors can benefit by employing this brand. Showcasing the city’s diversity can better promote the State as a bountiful city. 
    Moreover, the goal of this project is beyond creating visual arts. The goals are for the city to get a number of promotions it deserves, and for its citizens to take pride of the things that the city can offer especially after the civil war in Yemen. More importantly, this project aims to attract more tourists and investors to offer more jobs to its citizens, and to create a bridge between the government and its people.  

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