Pakistan Cables - Is your cable authentic?

  • Introduction - Pakistan Cables is the country’s premier electric cable manufacturers. It has earned a reputation of a true pioneer in the industry and a company that does not compromise on quality.

    Objective - To increase awareness of Pakistan Cables' SMS Verification System; encourage customers to validate the authenticity of their purchase.

    Problem -
     A product that is only functional and you have to transform it into something that people can relate to or interact with.

    Execution - Sometimes what is seemingly safe is a predator waiting to attack. Protect yourself and your love from the counterfeit products. We observed that by creating emotional graphics we could generate engagement and increase awareness through Social Media and Print Advertisement. Through our Strong & Wakhra content and design language we made Pakistan Cables one of the most highly engaging Social Media pages with engagement traits the double that of the industry average. We established recall amongst the targeted consumers and generated leads using their Social Media and Print platforms.
  • Agency : Wakhra Studios
    Concept & Direction : Danish Hasan
    Design : Nadeem Shahzad