Taiwan Color Stage Fest

  • Taiwan Indie Rock band The White Eyes performed live in the festival. Photo courtesy of Taiwan Colors Music.
  • Photos courtesy of Taiwan Colors Music.
  • Taiwan Color Stage Fest 

    Curated by Taiwan Indie Muisc Label, Taiwan Colors Music, The Festival celebrates a unique Taiwanese subculture of Stage Cars, aka Taiwanese Electric Flower Cars. They are trucks that have been converted into wheeled, neon-lit platforms, typically moving stages, upon which pole dancers and singers can perform in religious, celebratory or wedding banquets. The festival features 30 Stage Trucks/ 30 Dancing Poles/Stage Truck Singers/ Religious Marching Bands and Famous Taiwanese Indie Bands and DJs. 
          All the typography in the poster imitates neon-signs of the stage cars. The Poster is also printed with 4 Fluorescent inks to pay tribute to the colorful local Taiwan subculture. The Foot symbol in the poster is a reference to the slogan “Let’s jump! Taiwan”.

    For more Stage cars images, Visit: Artist Shen Chao-Liang.